Pedro Rosa-Neto/Tharick [MK6240] undecided whether static or dynamic scan

Description: PET scan of 3 patients using 5-7 mCi MK6240 each:
1. Injection at 11h, scan either from 11h (if dynamic) or 12h (if static) to 13h30
2. Injection at 12h55, scan from 13h55 to 15h25(static)
3. Injection at 14h50, scan form 15h50 to 17h20(static)
Room: Cyclotron/MicroPET/PET/ - PET HRRT
Start Time: 11:00:00 - Tuesday 04 April 2017
Duration: 6.5 hours
End Time: 17:30:00 - Tuesday 04 April 2017
Type: Internal
Created By: Judy
Last Updated: 09:01:46 - Tuesday 28 March 2017
Repeat Type: None

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