Chacron, Maurice/Jerome Carriot (FREY COIL)

Description: We will be scanning a m. from Mcintyre. The anl. will come via the anl. transfer cg and vehicle. Please have the anti-room ready for us at 12:00 if possible.
We would like to use Frey's coil, or the base of the 64 w/the flex coil. We will need to install a fiducial b. block on the anl prior to going into the scanner We should use the 0.6 iso sequence of S. Frey. Scan time approx 1 hour
Room: MRI - MR -3.0T
Start Time: 12:30:00 - Friday 17 November 2017
Duration: 2 hours
End Time: 14:30:00 - Friday 17 November 2017
Type: Internal
Created By: Judy
Last Updated: 13:51:04 - Tuesday 07 November 2017
Repeat Type: None

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